Another month has flown by and we’re into the second half of what has turned out to be an epic 2015 Cutting Challenge.

Everyone has now moved on to focusing on fat loss and results are coming thick and fast!

Yet again, everyone has made incredible progress this month and you should all be seriously proud of yourselves whether you made it onto this page or not.

Important: Remember that everyone’s body changes shape at different rates. We keep banging on about this, but it really is true. For some of you, results may take a little longer to be really noticeable, but we can promise one thing — stay consistent and stick to the plan and your time will come!

As with last month, pictures go from oldest to newest left to right, with the first picture being their starting photo, the final photo their entry for this month and the one in the middle somewhere in between.

Anyway, we’re sure you’re keen to see the results, so without further ado here’s April’s winner:

1. Sarah Teasdale (Month 5 Winner)

Wow! What. A. Transformation.

Believe it or not, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ve gotta hear Sarah’s story:

Sarah was brave enough to show us a photo of her and her father from 7 years ago (and I’m sure she won’t mind us saying this now) — Sarah was pretty overweight at the time. But, right after the photo was taken, Sarah tragically lost her father. It’s taken immense courage on her part to get through such a hard time and decide to make such a dramatic change, and we’re so glad she did.

Sarah, you’re looking amazing and are this month’s winner! Take your pic from what’s on offer in our clothing store, plus HogNuts Nut Butters will be sending you a tub of their wonderful nut butters.

Here’s what Sarah had to say about month 5:

“This month has been fantastic, as always the workouts change and the superset workouts were a real challenge but I enjoyed the lighter element, it seemed to give me real energy for the strength workouts and I hit new PR’s every week! HIIT has been added as well this month and although I wasn’t looking forward to doing it I’ve actually really enjoyed them! I’ve done something different each time, I get up and get mine done early and it really sets me up for the day! The changes in my body this month have been amazing I’m the leanest I’ve ever been and I’m just amazed by how much my body’s changed! I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved but I couldn’t have done it without train eat gains structure, routines, knowledge and encouragement!”

2. Laura Jane Sneddon

Look who it is again!

Lean machine Laura Sneddon, who refuses to stay out of the top 5 — she’s been here every single month so far, and for good reason!

A huge well done Laura! You’ve build a bikini body to be seriously proud of.

Here’s Laura’s take on Month 5:

“Month 5 has been the hardest month so far in this challenge.  I’ve found it quite difficult to manage training on top of work and social events but I’ve done the best I could.  I try not to dwell on days where I’ve not been able to hit my macros and I like the flexible approach to eating because it means that I am less likely to binge.  The way I see it is eating clean 80% of the time is better than 0%. I still love getting stuck into the weights and I never get bored because each session is different.  The HIIT sessions have definitely helped with fat loss too.  I can’t believe I only have 3 weeks left now. The past 5 and a bit months have flown by but I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in what feels like only a short period. I love feeling strong and having a proper bum, guns and quads haha!! Strong is definitely the new skinny! All thanks to Ben and Rob and their awesome Bikini plan!”

3. Charlie Hefferon

Check out those back and bootay gains!

Another top 5 regular, Charlie has been making incredible changes month-on-month.

We love how Charlie’s embraced this as a lifestyle and insists on maintaining some balance in her life. She’s not some crazy ‘clean eating’ machine that lives on chicken, rice and broccoli, but this shows you don’t have to be!

Here’s what Charlie has to say:

“Month 5 has been a struggle in all honesty! So many social hurdles and bank holiday celebrations to overcome! I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times when it comes to diet, but kept on pushing with the workouts. For me it’s a massive game of balance, so it means I don’t end up punishing myself for having a couple of sausage rolls at a buffet!!
I have to remember that this isn’t a “diet” for me, there is no end…! I want training and conscious eating to be part of my lifestyle forever!
The addition of the TEG Facebook group has been great, I’ve loved sharing ideas and thoughts with like-minded people!
So, as per usual, thanks Rob and Ben for everything :)”

4. Mark Betts

Check out Mark’s awesome lean gains!

At the age of 47, it’s easy to think that you’re past it and there’s no hope, but as Mark’s proving here, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

As long as you’re willing to work hard like Mark has then you can and will see incredible results.

Here’s Mark’s take on Month 5:

“MONTH 5 ….. Already!!! All the hard work and constant encouragement from Rob & Ben is paying off. Funny thing is I was looking through all the old training plans that I’ve started and NEVER got past week 3 mainly down to boredom of repetition and dull routines. The one thing the TEG team do is keep you constantly doing a variety of different things all which guide you to your end goal. Not only that but they actually keep in touch with you throughout your plan ( how many plans have you ever had that kind of service from?)offering advice and a gentle prod now and again which really helps.

“Guys / Girls. Let’s not beat around the bush here. Im 47 years old for goodness sakes and I’m in the shape of my life !!! Do yourself a massive favour. Get in touch with the the team, get a plan, change your life too.

“PS – those other plans are in the bin!!!!”

=5. Maxine Hayward

Check out that bikini body!

Maxine has forged on despite a broken finger this month, showing that many excuses really aren’t valid! We’ve adapted the workouts and she’s stuck to the diet and is still seeing fantastic fat loss results.

Here’s Maxine’s thoughts on Month 5:

“Last month was difficult for me adapting my training to get round my injury but thanks to your emails last month for the most part I kept to my nutrition goals and adapted training without feeling guilty after you told me I was still a part of the team which meant a lot. So even with injury and illness I have still lost fat and built muscle and proud to be a part of an incredible journey and learning about what works for me and your support is what has kept me going as the old me would have completely given in, not just had an off few days here and there.”

=5. Chris Powers

Slow and steady wins the race. It might be a boring saying but it’s true!

Chris has made steady progress every month and it’s really starting to pay off now. He’s looking like a totally different-shaped person after 5 months of hard work – great job Chris!

We’re starting to get into abs territory now, and we’re excited to see where we can go with Chris to get a full on six pack!

Here’s Chris’ take on Month 5:

“Last month was yet again another move forward, bit disappointed as away in a hotel for the best part of the next month with work, so will be looking to make do and mend with various hotel gym and bodyweight hotel room workouts where necessary until bk into the routine in July.

“This month has been where again and most significantly noticed a fat percentage loss, much more to work on and feel like more muscle needed to work on in major areas but the one consistent factor with #CC2015 is continuous and consistent progress…”

Runners up

It was a great shame to have to whittle down the entries to just 5 (or 6 again). We simply can’t ignore everyone’s hard work, so here is a gallery of a few more of the top contestants’ entries for May — amazing work all of you!

Thank you all for entering and keep up the hard work.

“Just want to say that this past two weeks ive startesd to lean out as you said, ive always struggled with holding alot of fat round my chest area, I was always very aware of it when wearing tee shirts and such, even to the stage that I wore compression vest under tee shirts and was looking at things like lypo and such, but this past month my chest has completely changed, I have no need for the vests anymore and feel the most confident I have ever been , I even wear muscle vest in the gym, just wanted to say that with your help you have changed my body for the better, im so gratefull for your help and cant thank you guys enough for your online support.

“Keep up the amazing work guys”

“This month has been very stressful with uni deadlines looming but training has been my escape from it all and it’s keeping me sane! I’ve been more flexible with my nutrition this month, as I now roughly know how much to eat I can eat intuitively and it seems to be working. I weighed myself the other day for the first time in a couple of months and have lost 2kg. Those pyramid sets from month 5 were a killer! Along with HIIT (hill sprints outdoors in the evening sun are the best!) I’m feeling a lot tighter and so much more body confident, I can’t wait to rock a bikini in a couple of weeks and show off my hard work!”

“Month 5 was great, the pyramid training was a real change for me and a great challenge. It certainly worked me hard and gave me real doms! The deload week was good for a rest and change of training.

“#CC2015 has taught me a lot and changed my training routines, I’m seeing better results with less training sessions than ever before and a much more exciting diet. I’m looking forward to finishing up for my holiday after month 6 but keen to bulk after it and to the tail end of the year.”

“Plan is still going well macros are easy to follow, your pages are great for support and recipe ideas.

“Did a gym photo shoot so cant wait to see the results of that .. was definitely confident about being in the best possible shape!

“8 weeks till my holiday now so head down and in the zone and finish strong!”

“Thanks to you guys I feel a different person let alone looking like one. I have to say no matter what the outcome of who wins each month and the overall winner at the end the main thing for all of us is we want and wanted to make the change. But that can only happen if you got the right tools to deliver that change and that’s where you guys come in. You have been nothing short of amazing, your knowledge your dedication to answer the questions we all have for you never goes unnoticed and that in it self is what we all need when we run out of answers you guys are always there. The plan itself you have nailed, the haters can carry on hating because the results from all your pupil’s is nothing short of unreal. If your reading this and thinking if this is the plan for you you owe it to yourself to take it you won’t regret it. Just do everything they tell you to do no more no less and the results will look after themselves. I salute you Ben and Rob take a bow.”

“I can honestly say, this month has been my favourite. It’s been full of great workouts and I find knowing that the finish line is in sight great motivation to really push myself. I’ve missed my cardio, so adding in HIIT has been a great addition to the training sessions. I’ve avoided stepping on the scales this month too, trying to concentrate on what I see in the mirror rather than the number on the scales, and I’m feeling so much happier about myself, feeling trimmer, tighter, leaner (with some mean butt gains which is always a plus!!) I even fit into a figure hugging dress that I got for Christmas and have never worn with no need for the scary tummy-control/Bridget Jones pants!

“With just a month to go, I am really focussing in on my nutrition. Starting a new job and deadlines coming out of my ears has meant that I’ve one or two too many treats these month (including a night involving tequila!). Determined to get my macros bang on and have a final push to shed the belly fat once and for all, but I still can’t believe how far I’ve come in just 5months. Thanks TEG!”

“Last month started off brilliantly with pyramid sets being the most brutal thing ever. My arms have never hurt so much in my life !!

“The last 2 weeks of it though became a struggle. With bad news back home with family whilst I’m 7000 miles away motivation was a big problem not too mention the final weekend having a social event where not drinking was not an option ( good ol armed forces) any way powered through onto this final month of the cutting challenge and after arriving back in the UK As I’m typing this I’m going to hit it harder than ever !

“Last month taught me that no matter what family comes first but with what ever hiccup comes along either motivation or just weekend bender. Get straight back on the horse as soon as possible and you’ll feel so much better !!

“Here’s to the last month !”

“As for month five, I struggled initially motivation wise and as the weather got better I just wanted to go outside on long runs but I resisted and thought as its so close to the end, why give up now and slip back into old habits! I have got back into the swing of things and have really enjoyed going to the gym again. The HIIT has been good to spice things up again. I now really like the way I look and I am super excited to see what I look like at the end of the six months (and to go bikini shopping).”

“The programmes are great. My strength has increased massively and my weight has gradually built up over the months. Never did I think only training 4 days a week and no cardio would I feel so healthy! Well Done Lads!”

“Going into month 4 looking at the picture now compared to at the start, the difference is amazing. Looks like a different person. So I’m very pleased with progress with one month left. The pyramid workouts are very tough, but another great challenge. I like the consistency of Rob and Ben’s net postings: articles, recipes, pics, blogs all catch my attention and keep me interested. Well done guys.”