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What is a Bobble Bottle?

The Bobble water bottles not only look great but they contain a filter to remove contaminants from the water such as bacteria and man-made additives such as chlorine. Filtering tap water leaves it tasting fresh and very similar to bottled water! Bobble produce both nice looking clear water bottles as well as a sport specific bottle. I would recommend the 750ml sports bottle as it’s slightly easier to use and more durable than the clear bottle.


What are the benefits?

Simply having a water bottle will be beneficial to your health as it forces you to drink more water! Staying hydrated helps with transporting essential nutrients around the body, removing toxins, controlling your temperature and improving athletic performance. Drinking filtered water also has many health benefits such as reducing your risk of gastrointestinal disease and decreasing your risk of rectal, colon and bladder cancer.


Where to Buy?

You can purchase Bobble bottles from Amazon for a better prIce than their website! The filter will need replacing after 300 refills which costs around $5 – the way I see it, you shouldn’t try and place a price on your health so spend a small amount of money on a great water bottle rather than wasting it on alcohol or junk food!