People often ask us which TEG plan is the best workout plan for them. This guide aims to answer that question and help you to decide on the best workout plan to help you to achieve your goals!

What’s your Fitness Goal

The first thing to decide is what is your goal? This may be fat loss, muscle gain or just generally to get in shape. When you know your goal, you can start to decide what sort of program will best help you to achieve that goal!

Are you a Guy or a Girl?

Our Ultimate Bikini Plan is specifically designed for girls since not many guys out there aspire to look great in female swimwear! Our Ultimate Cutting and Ultimate Muscle plans are designed to work for both guys and girls. The nutrition plans are tailored to you as an individual and will take into account differences in weight and body fat percentage between guys and girls.

Pick the Best Workout Plan!

The flowchart below should help you to decide on the best workout plan for your goals! If you’re still not 100% sure, keep reading to find out more details on each of our plans!

Best Workout Plan 1

TEG Ultimate Muscle

If you want to pack on lean muscle mass whilst increasing strength then the TEG Ultimate Muscle Plan is the one to go for. The plan also aims to minimise a gain in body fat by ensuring that the body gets the nutrition it needs to grow without too much excess.

We have used these muscle building principles to completely transform our own physiques and now you can too! The plan features two unique training splits, the first of these is a push-pull split aimed at strength and hypertrophy and the second is a high volume body part split aimed purely at increasing muscle size.

Recommended For:
– Males wanting to increase muscle size and strength
– Females wanting to increase muscle size and strength

Best Workout Plan 2

TEG Ultimate Cutting

If your primary goal is to reduce body fat then the TEG Ultimate Cutting Plan is perfect for you. This 12 week training and diet plan contains everything you need to make a dramatic fat loss transformation. We have even seen individuals who are relatively new to weight training gain muscle whilst losing body fat by following this plan!

Of course, it’s important that the weight you are losing comes from fat and not muscle mass. This is achieved by including weight training as the primary form of exercise and avoiding any drastic methods such as extreme low calorie or low carbohydrate diets which can rob you of those hard earned gains!

Recommended For:
– Males wanting to lose body fat
– Females wanting to lose body fat

Best Workout Plan 3

TEG Ultimate Bikini

The TEG Bikini guide is for those girls who want the whole package, a sexy, lean and slender bikini body. The plan features three distinct phases, the first of these is aimed at building a solid base of muscle mass, the second is a transition phase where you should continue to gain muscle and tone up and the third and longest is a fat loss phase.

The workouts in this plan are tailored specifically towards women, placing more emphasis on the lower body when compared to our Ultimate Cutting Plan. That’s not to say the upper body is neglected – every muscle group is trained at least once per week!

Recommended For:
– Females wanting to tone up and lose body fat

Best Workout Plan 4