Online Support Coach Assessment

You must complete this assessment in order to be considered for this job. There are two sections, the first will give us an idea of what makes you tick and the second will let us see how you might deal with some example online coaching situations.

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  • Section 1 - Personality Assessment

    Step 1 - CLICK HERE and complete the assessment - orange button that says "Click Here To Start Your Free DISC Test" (there are no right or wrong answers)

    Step 2 - Download your free report. Button that says "Download Your Free DISC Style Report" on the page after generating your report.

    Step 3 - Upload the PDF file of your results below (it should say STYLE REPORT in big blue writing on page 1).

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      Upload your Style Report generated from your DISC assessment (PDF file).
    • Section 2 - Coaching Assessment

      In this section, you will be answering 3 questions based around different coaching scenarios. We are not expecting you to be perfect at answering these questions but want to get an idea of how you might communicate with our clients.

      If you get stuck or confused with anything to do with the assessment, please email and we'll be happy to help.

    • You receive the following email from one of your clients who is half way through a fat loss programme which consists of 3x weight training workouts per week and tracking her foods to hit a daily calorie target:

      "Hi, yesterday I was involved in a car accident and I have strained my neck and my left shoulder. It is now painful to lift my arm overhead and I don't know what to do in terms of my programme? I want to keep going because my results have been great so far but I'm worried that I won't be able to do the workouts! Thanks, Claire"

      How would you respond?

      (Hint: You will need to tell them to seek medical attention before doing anything else!)

    • You receive the following email from one of your clients who has been following a fat loss programme which consists of 4x weight training workouts per week and tracking her foods to hit a daily calorie target. After following the programme for 6 weeks and seeing good results, she has just come back from a 2 week holiday and has gone off track during her time away:

      "Hi, I have just come back from my holiday to Spain. While I was away I drank a lot more than usual and did not stick to my nutrition plan at all. I kept quite active and did lots of walking and swimming in the pool but did not manage to do any of my workouts. I have gained 2kg and I am feeling much less toned than before I left! I feel like I have undone all my hard work and I am struggling to find the motivation to get back on track! Help! Thanks, Sarah"

      How would you respond to help her get back on track as quickly as possible?

    • You receive the following email from a client who joined the programme a week ago and is unhappy with the personalised programme your have put together for her (You have set her up with 3 workouts per week based on her initial questionnaire):

      "Hi, I have just completed week 1 and feel completely underwhelmed with the service and personalisation on the programme. Everything is very generic and basic, which isn't what I signed up for and I don't think the programme is right for the level I am at with my training. It is not as described prior to sign up where it states it will be bespoke to you. A very unhappy Rachael"

      How would you apologise that the programme did not suit her needs?

      (Hint: You can offer her options to continue with your support and how you'd resolve the problems, as well as options to cancel)