About Hazel Wallace

My name is Hazel Wallace, the founder of The Food Medic. I am currently studying graduate entry Medicine at Cardiff University. The Food Medic arose from my medical background and interest in nutrition and fitness. My vision is to show people that eating healthy, or eating ‘clean’, can be enjoyable, uncomplicated and easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle. I want to help banish the myths around healthy eating and ‘diets’, and instead help to promote this way of eating as an everyday, healthy, nourishing way of life. Please check out my website www.thefoodmedic.co.uk for more healthy recipes, nutrition and fitness tips!

American-Style Bacon & Syrup Pancakes

This recipe comes from our Protein Pancakes recipe pack which is free to download! Try it out for yourself and tweet us a picture (@TrainEatGain). Free Download! [...]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Cake

It's a sin not to have a birthday cake on your birthday, but when you’re trying to eat clean it isn’t exactly part of a [...]

Festive Protein Cupcakes

This festive recipe comes from our Christmas Treats Recipe Book which is free to download! Try it out for yourself and tweet us a picture with the hashtag [...]

Mexican Chicken Loaded Sweet Potato Skins

I remember my mum used to make us loaded potato skins with ham and cheddar cheese as a treat when we were little. There is [...]