About Madison Dragna

If I'm not devoting my time to long distance hiking, I'm creating healthy and delicious recipes in my own kitchen. My daily yoga practice contributes to my motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle. Feel free to follow me on Instagram: Madidrag.

Spirulina: A Superfood With More Protein than Chicken!

I scanned the label of my favourite health food juice, and spotted the usual: apples, bananas and spinach, but then spirulina? What's that? Well it turns out its an [...]

Herbal Supplements for Health and Fitness

Herbs aren't only useful in the kitchen! Herbal supplements have been used for millennia to heal the sick and injured and even to heal and strengthen [...]

5 Awesome Green Smoothie Recipes

Spinach, kale, chard, dandelion, basil, and parsley find themselves in not only your salad but also your daily smoothie. A ‘green’ smoothie refers not only [...]