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“Over the past 90 days I have learned that eating is so important for refuelling. I learnt to trust the weight programme and to enjoy exercise again. I learnt that my body actually can be strong! Something I never ever thought would be possible.

I feel Strong. Toned. Sexy and confident. I even have abs forming!!

To someone thinking of joining I would say DO IT!! It’s the best thing I have ever done. Having been miserable and depressed about my body for 20 years this has been life changing!

Keep up the amazing work boys. Thank you for everything!”

– Naomi Chadwick

“I am 34 year old who works full time in the hospitality industry. I joined TRINITY after finishing the body coach, i felt i hadn’t learnt enough to continue the journey on my own.

Being part of TRINITY for the last 6 months has been life changing. I have learnt so much. I love the personal support, although I rarely needed it, everything was explained so well in the videos and weekly content. The Facebook community is amazing for extra support and advice.

I love the fact i feel confident and comfortable in my own skin. I can put an outfit on and not have to change 3 or 4 times before leaving the house. I keep setting new goals and challenge my self more, I’ve come to the realisation i can do anything I set my mind to.

I loved the whole process and enjoyed each and every day. I truly feel like I won the golden ticket, because even though it takes hard work and dedication I feel at easy. I’m also confident I can continue on by myself. THANK YOU SO MUCH, you’ve completely changed my life.”

– Leanne

Chest 42.5 (-1 inch)
Waist 32.5 (-3 inches)
Hips 43 (-2.5 inches)
Thighs 25 (-2 inches each thigh)
Arms 12 (-1 inch each arm)

Total 12.5 inches lost!
Also lost 12lbs in weight

What Was Your Goal?
Drop a dress size

Did you achieve your goal?

What have you Learned over the past 90 Days?
That I can lose weight in a way that’s not restrictive and fits in with every day life! I’ve tried so many different diets but this is different because it doesn’t feel like a diet

How do you feel now compared to the start of the programme?
So much better it’s hard to put in to words! My whole mindset has changed. Even though I’m not where I want to be yet (I knew this would take longer than 12 weeks) I’m so much happier with the way I look, and I’m far more positive in general

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of joining TRINITY?
Do it!

Other feedback:
No feedback, I just want to thank you!

-Alyson Downes

“I was unsure at the start but I now feel amazing! I have so many comments from people asking what I have been doing and asking for advice. Although I don’t see much difference in my photos, my clothes fit better, i feel amazing and fit and healthy and have loads of energy. I can’t wait to get started again and keep going because I know if i put the effort in i will get the results.

Do it! It’s the next step, it gives you so much knowledge and information is drip fed which really helps because it isn’t so over whelming and it’s manageable. I work out from home and get help and advice direct from Ben and Rob which helps no end. Do trinity you will not regret it! Best plan i have ever done and sustainable.”

-Siobhan Brookes

I dropped a dress size. Lost more inches from my thighs that I thought I would. I am fitter and stronger and look so much better in clothes. I love how I look and I enjoy the exercise.

I have learned how to eat and still enjoy myself, how to exercise efficiently and love it. I have found that I DO have discipline and determination and most importantly, I have learned to accept myself. Looking in the mirror is without judgement is the hardest thing in the world and thanks to this plan, I am learning how to do this. My confidence has grown so much that people are commenting on it. Apparently I am like a new person.

I have had a tough time personally over the last few months. Before starting the programme, I felt that I was spiralling out of control. This plan has helped me regain focus and regain control bit by bit. Not only do I look better and feel better in terms of fitness, the change mentally has been just as if not more important. By doing this and changing my life in this way has meant that I can apply this to other aspects of what I do and for that I am eternally grateful.

Take the jump but you have to be committed. This is worth the risk and the sacrifice is small in the grand scheme of things. But you have to commit. This plan may seem intimidating at first but it is not impossible. Not going to lie, it will be tough at times but that’s where the support comes in. The Facebook support group is amazing, as are the ‘boys’. I cannot fault it.

– Leila Abu el Hawa

Weight 63 now 59.6 kg
Waist 72 now 67 cm
Hips 100 now 94cm
Thighs 57 now 52.5 cm

What have you Learned over the past 90 Days?
I learnt a lot more about weights and realised I do need to introduce Cardio as I’m feeling a little unfit. I’ve learnt a lot about how many calories are in different foods. I’ve also learnt I can eat ‘normally’ (within reason) and still lose weight. After eating crap at the weekend I feel terrible!! My stomach has definitely shrunk!

How do you feel now compared to the start of the programme?
I had a few dodgy weeks where I was really bored of the gym and measuring/logging everything I eat, but I’ve realised that works for me otherwise I’m greedy! I generally feel more confident in my clothes and when working out.

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of joining TRINITY?
Stick to it!! It’s not an over night fix and u get out what u put in. But make it manageable so you still have a life and get to eat with your family (not like another program I did)

– Joanne Taylor

What is your background?
Wife, Mum, Domestic engineer

Why did you join TRINITY?
Approaching 49 had done every diet in the world, but wanted to learn how to fuel and be lean and healthy with the need for hours of cardio….. I hate cardio! I’d lost weight but looked unhealthy and gained as soon as i’d ‘finished’ the diet….. I needed a lifestyle not a diet.

What has being part of TRINITY meant to you?
I’ve achieved my goals….. I’ve had support from lovely ladies in the facebook community. I’ve learned so much about nutrition so its becoming a way of life rather than something I do in January or 2 weeks before my holiday.

What results have you seen in your life since joining TRINITY?
Happier more confident me having gained my goals. Loss of inches and kgs. Knowledge of what feeds my body rather than wasted calories. How easy it is to make meals without jars and packets or processed sauces.

What are your final thoughts about TRINITY?
Best thing I’ve done….. I now lift weights, I hardly do any cardio. I’ve learned about macros and the importance of tracking what I eat. But also Trinity has the flexibility to have a life within it….. Yesterday to celebrate my daughters birthday we had fish n chips and cake at the seaside. I didn’t feel guilty, I didn’t beat myself up, we had a fun family day (albeit in my new size 8 skinny jeans). As a family we now eat much better, cleaner foods as I’ve learned that processed ‘diet’ foods are full of rubbish.

What would you say to somebody thinking of joining TRINITY?
Just do it!!! Trust and believe in the plan, it works! Initially there is a lot to learn for some, but within a few weeks the results are worth it. If you put in the work, you will achieve your goal. This is the first thing I’ve stuck to for more than a few weeks…… 24 weeks so far and no intention of reverting to old self.

– Nicolle Roe

Why did you join TRINITY?

I was attracted by the mindset program and emphasis on cardio.

What has being part of TRINITY meant to you?

It has really changed my life. The introduction to tracking and the emphasis on weight training has really clicked with my brain and my body.

I finally feel healthy and comfortable in any item of clothing I choose. Everything in my closet fits or is too big and I get compliments galore!

What results have you seen in your life since joining TRINITY?

1) Increased strength, comfort in the gym with the big boys

2) understanding of the importance of stress relief and how to avoid bad habit cycles

3) tracking macros has both enabled me to increase the amount of food I eat and avoid black and white thinking when I have a treat or a glass of wine.

How have your body measurements changed?

I haven’t measured but my normal clothes are falling off. I’m a US size 2-4 and it feels great.

What was your goal?

To fit into a specific Ted Baker size 2 dress. It ended up being very big on me and I chose another dress. Woohoo!

What are your final thoughts about TRINITY?

Rob and Ben are the core of this program. I sense they really care about my results and also about me.

It’s made a difference when I’ve had times I didn’t think the plan was working. I trusted them and knew that I’d see results.

What would you say to somebody thinking of joining TRINITY?

Definitely do it! Not only has my eating become more natural and consistent, I feel fit and healthy and calmer

– Barbara Rosenblatt

Waist: 28 inches (-6)
Hips: 35 inches (-11)
Thighs: 19 inches (-3 each)
-23 inches

What Was Your Goal?
To go from a size 14 to a size 12

Did you achieve your goal?

What have you Learned over the past 90 Days?
I’ve finally learnt how to track macros! I have previously followed the Body Coach SSS plan and was provided with my macros and calories as a graduate report and I felt completely helpless and confused. Trinity breaks you into it gradually and I’ve finally cracked it! I’ve learnt that I can eat truly amazing food and I don’t have to miss out on family meals and events due to restrictive meal plans. I’m so glad to finally find something that works! I’ve also learnt to stay away from the scales, but still managed to lose a stone!!

How do you feel now compared to the start of the programme?
Fabulous! I can’t believe how different you can actually feel in 12 weeks. I’ve been trying to lose weight for the last 3 years and had lost 3 stone prior to Trinity, but I have actually had more compliments in the last 12 weeks than I have done in the whole 3 year period!

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of joining TRINITY?
Just do it! The trinity community is so welcoming and so supportive so you are not in it alone. You are gradually eased into the programme so it’s perfect for anyone looking to lose fat and gain strength. I still have some way to go, so I’m looking forward to doing another cycle.

Other feedback:
Thank you so much, I couldn’t be happier!

-Samantha Lampard

Weight -8lb, chest -3/4, waist -1 1/2, navel -2 1/2, hips -1 since week 8 – right bicep -1/2, left bicep -1/2, right thigh -3/4, left thigh -1/2

What have you Learned over the past 90 Days?
That I can take a more relaxed approach during Christmas and still make progress which is fab! That now I’m nearing my fat loss goal I need to be much stricter on my nutrition

How do you feel now compared to the start of the programme?
Amazing! I love shopping again, I love how I look and I love how strong I am!

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of joining TRINITY?
Do it, it’s an investment in yourself that you won’t ever regret! Best thing I’ve ever done

-Melanie Forrer-Pratt

“Before Trinity, I had no idea what my macros should be, and how to increase/decrease them week on week depending on my goals. Because of that, I was eating healthily/clean but not tracking my macros so would find that although I was good during the week, I really struggled on the weekends when I was at home and the treats and sweet stuff slowly started creeping back in. Before I knew it, I was back to the same starting measurements I was before the Body Coach! Now, I am much more in control of my diet, and find that tracking my macros and meal prepping in advance works best for me. I also feel stronger and love the feeling when I can increase my weights on different exercises week on week.

Do it, you wont regret it! I’ve loved the workouts and how they change each week so you don’t get bored, and I even enjoy the contrast weeks now as it gives me a chance to keep my fitness levels up and help shift those last couple of stubborn pounds. I also prefer the accountability of the weekly check ins as the weekends are where I tend to struggle more diet wise so I found that checking in on a Sunday stopped me from falling off the wagon.”

-Asmaa Suleyman

“I have lost an inch from my waist and 1.5 inches from my hips which is great, and i have lost 8lbs in weight

I have learned how to eat more normally and trinity has helped me learn how to use macros alongside calories to manage my diet….and still eat food alongside family and friends. I have also learned that milk makes me bloat…who knew?!

I feel much happier with my body even though i have a little more work to do. I also feel much healthier with less bloating and reduced hot flushes and sleeping a bit better.

Do not hesitate to do it. It does require commitment…but the results are worth it. The ability to eat normally and flexibly and still manage your weight is fantastic and unlike other plans, you learn the theory behind it and are given tailored support so your plan can be changed to truly meet your needs as you go along.

Your personal help and feedback via the support tickets and changes to my plan were extremely valuable to me and totally won me over early on when i needed help and you switched me to reverse dieting. I really felt like you were paying attention and helping me specifically and not just giving me a pre-prepared “best fit” answer. Thank you.”

-Debbie Smith

What is your background?

Professional dancer/ performer in musical theatre. Never had to think about weight/ body during my career but had my eldest child 10.5 years ago and have struggled with body image ever since.

Why did you join TRINITY?

I joined Trinity after years of various eating plans/ doing my own thing wasn’t getting my pre children body back.

What has being part of TRINITY meant to you?

Everything! It has been difficult to fit into life with kids (often on my own with my partner working away a lot. This programme has got me well on the way to getting my body back to a more acceptable condition. I feel good and have had comments from lots of friends that I look good.

I love the plan. I like that it covers every part of health- nutrition, physical fitness and mental health.

Do it! It’s a lot of work but if you stick with it you WILL get results and feel happier about yourself.

-Sarah Keeton

“I feel so much better particularly with self confidence. I do still want to improve further though as I do think I’m only halfway through my Trinity journey. I would join in a heartbeat. I was never able to grasp the concept of macros and tracking what I eat but it is SO easy and nothing is really restricted as long as you can fit it into your macros so much more flexible than other plans.”

– Claire Pitcher

I am starting to see some real definition in my legs and am very happy with my new shape so far. Have bought 2 pairs of size 10 jeans and one pair in a size 8! Unbelievable!

I feel so much better. When I started, I was struggling with anxiety and depression and with a combination of medication and sticking to the exercise in particular, I am starting to feel miles better. I still have not-so-good days, but the gym really helps my equilibrium.

Just do it, you have so much to gain!

-Emily Kennedy

“I feel amazing not just physically but mentally. My mind is clear and relaxed. i love the mindset routine and will continue to do that everyday.

I honestly can’t thank you guys enough. It has completely exceeded my expectations. My original goal was to drop a dress size, I’ve dropped two, I’m over the moon with my results The whole experience has completely change my life. THANK YOU!”

– Leanne

“I’m much stronger with more muscle definition and I feel great. It’s an ongoing journey to be continued…

If you are up for a challenge and want to make a real commitment to getting leaner and stronger, Trinity is the plan for you. The motivation side is what really makes a difference: weekly videos, check-in, Q&A and a supportive Facebook group all help to keep you going through the inevitable ups and downs.”

– Katey McDonagh

What Was Your Goal?
Lose 2.5″ waist, lose 2″ of hips

Final Measurements:
lost 4.5″ of waist
lost 2.5″ of hips
lost 1″ and 1.5″ of thighs

Did you achieve your goal?

What have you Learned over the past 90 Days?
Wow, so much about nutrition! 1 – eating protein in every meal to still full and have energy to be able to complete workouts. 2 – That I can actually cook from scratch, to the surprise of my husband of 10 years. 3 – To make the right choices when eating in restaurants and not be afraid of going out to eat. 4 – Not to look at one measurement whether it is weight or inches but tiny changes are happening all the time to my body composition.

How do you feel now compared to the start of the programme?
I feel educated and have more knowledge of how to get to my body to look the way I want it to. Happier about wearing tighter clothes to show off my bod”

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of joining TRINITY?
What have you got to lose apart from inches! To be educated in nutrition, to have personal weekly workouts and all the support that you want (if you want it) no secrets how to do it like so many other plans like special formulas so when you go alone you are doomed to fail. This plan is solid common sense and full of facts (with a little sprinkle of Rob, Ben and Victoria magic!).

– Claire Peasgood

“I’ve had an education in nutrition, being drip fed from day 1 how to work out macros has really motivated me to fuel my body as best as I can to my ability to get the best results. Yes it’s sometimes been tough but nothing worth it comes for free! You guys are always on hand to help and the no nonsense tough love is refreshing. I’ve also learned not to be intimidated by the weight room, they can be a scary place, but everyone is there for the same reason and the men don’t bite.

I’m happier in my own skin, feeling confident and positive, the complete opposite to when I started.

To someone thinking of joining I would say Do it! The way the workouts change every month and the weekly check in really makes you motivated. You learn to become responsible for your own food choices and before you know it you are ditching those crisps and chocolate bars for healthier options, it becomes second nature.”

– Julie Ryder

“I’ve learned that it’s not only possible to lose weight and enjoy it, it’s actually really easy! The slow introduction to macros was great as I initially thought I’d never get my head around it but actually when you start tracking it’s rally quite straight forward.

I feel amazing! I’ve thought for a while that I would never get back to a size eight as I’m approaching the big 4-0 but having done cycle 1 I now think it’s totally possible. The only thing is I’m no longer sure that I want to as I feel great at the size I am now!

To someone thinking on joining TRINITY I would say just go for it – I really doubt you’ll regret it. You’ll learn how to eat a balanced diet and have treats and get the body you want. The support from the boys and the lovely ladies in the Facebook group is great whether you need it for a bit of advice or just a kick up the backside.”

– Emma Lindsey

Over the past 90 days I have learned not to be obsessed with the scales! I have spent years at slimming world, where when you put 1lb on in a week – even though you know you have worked your ass off at the gym and stuck to plan 100%, you feel such a failure and then they say “working out won’t make any difference” – 1lb of fat = 1lb of muscle.

Well you feel demoralised and fed up and think oh well I may as well have a treat then.

I feel so much better than I have felt in years even though I would be 10lb over my slimming world “target”

My clothes in my wardrobe fit.
I feel fit, I feel toned, I feel more confident and I feel very proud of myself.

I wish I had known about this programme years ago, social media can be a great thing.

If you want it enough, Trinity WILL work. Do it, I promise you will never regret it.

Thank u, thank u. I love everything about this program, how it makes you feel, how it fits in with my life and how wonderful all the other people in the group are.

– Deb Lewis

“I have lost a total of 12 inches; 4 from my chest, 2 from my hips, 2 from my waist, 1 inch from each bicep and 1 inch from each thigh.

I am definitely happier with how I look, I look at food differently and am starting to understand that food is not a treat, but fuel to get me through the day. No food is off limits and it is fabulous what you can fit in to the macros if you want a little chocolate or cake.

Do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to learn. The support from the coaches and the Trinity girls is second to none. The information is drip fed over a number of weeks, which makes learning and sticking to the plan more manageable. This is the most sustainable plan I’ve joined. It is a change of life style and relatively easily to follow. I have no regrets and I have a lean and strong body, which is achievable by anyone. I promise you that you will be amazed by the results and what your body can do.”


“I have lost 3.5 inches off my waist! And it wasn’t even THAT big!

I feel great – I’ve never had a lot of body confidence – I’ve always looked OK with clothes on, but not so OK without – and now I keep taking sneaky peaks at my mid section when nobody is looking as I can’t believe it’s really me!

Do it. Not only is Trinity really flexible and easy to fit around a busy life, you actually learn things about how you should be eating and what works for you as you go. It really is tailored towards each individual with plenty of support if you need it.

I LOVE this plan”

– Sarah

What Was Your Goal?
I wanted to feel more confident in my bikini and in a dress size 12.

Did you achieve your goal?

What have you Learned over the past 90 Days?
The biggest learning curve for me has been tracking my food. I really feel like I have more control over my diet now and I know that if I have toast with butter then I just need to track it. I also don’t feel guilty when socializing and eating out as I can balance it out with my macros.

How do you feel now compared to the start of the programme?
I am actually starting to get my confidence back. I feel I’ve come a long way. I was always so slim and athletic in my 20s and early 30s and it was a shock when over the past two years I started to put weight on so easily. I feel fit and I run much stronger now when I do HIT. Even my Pilates classes are improving the stronger I get. I realise I still have a long way to go but I feel I’ve made a good start. I feel like my torso/ waist/ab and hip area is looking much better. Even the women I work with are all starting to say how good I look, just this past week. I’m excited to see if my family notice who I will see in 2 weeks as I haven’t seen them since August.

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of joining TRINITY?
I would join, the food education alone has been the best thing that could have happened to me. The body coach programme made me dread eating! Also you can fit the programme in with your lifestyle. I would recommend training in the gym though to have access to the weights etc.

Other feedback:
Thanks for giving me the boost that I needed to start controlling my diet without sacrificing my friendships and social life which is hard when you’re an expat.

– Amy

“My biggest win is looking at my progress pictures and seeing my legs are actually slim!! Not bulbous and round but slim! And my bum has hardly any dimples. Hurrah!

I go on holiday next Monday and I literally can’t wait to show off my new bod. I attached another pic in which I just feeling amazing and so proud to look at.”

– Becci

“I have done several other programs prior to joining trinity with very poor/slow results. when I signed up I expected it to be the same and to be honest, I have been very naughty and not tracked for one day per week consistently through the 12 weeks.

I think this was because in the year before trinity I stuck 100% to programs, including taking my pre cooked meals in Tupperware into restaurants and saying I’m on a ‘medical’ diet, not achieved results, been miserable and had my friends think I’m bonkers! So joining trinity with its balanced approach has been something of a revelation – I can enjoy my food, eat out with friends, eat the same meal as my family and my food bill has gone down!

My body has undergone a dramatic change in 12 weeks – I’m so shocked! I’ve been getting loads of compliments on how trim and healthy I look from my friends and family, but for me the biggest difference is an internal one, when I look in the mirror I’m actually starting to like what I see, I feel slim and I feel like I will actually achieve my goal now with the help of this program. I can’t thank you both enough.

Do it! It will be the best investment in yourself you’ll ever make”

– Melanie

Waist 6″ loss, Hips 4.5″ loss, Thighs 2.5″ loss from each

What Was Your Goal?
I would like to tone all over, especially my triceps (bingo wings), mummy tummy, and knees/thighs and be a size 12/14

Did you achieve your goal?

What have you Learned over the past 90 Days?
I’ve learned to eat again :). After years of dieting and self hate, I’ve enjoyed my food and stopped starving myself! It all feels so good, so sensible and so achievable.

How do you feel now compared to the start of the programme?
Great! I’m no longer “desperate” and lost. Just lost what to do next to change my weight! I’ve included a picture of me this time 1 year ago at 8 months pregnant! It’s amazing that my shape has changed so much in 12 months!

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of joining TRINITY?
Do it!!!! I’ve dieted for years and I still watch my mother doing the same SlimmingWorld plan that I used to do – guess what she still weighs exactly the same as she did 90 days ago. Is eating nothing but fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, mugshot for lunch and a small fat free dinner – how depressing!

– Tracy Brown

Dropped 3 kg in weight and 10.5″ lost plus much more in places I haven’t measured but can feel it in clothes. Have also gained so much definition in muscle. My watch is loose and so are my wedding rings!

What Was Your Goal?
I want to drop from a size 10 jeans to a size 8 by 30 Nov for Christmas holiday

Did you achieve your goal?

What have you Learned over the past 90 Days?
I’ve learned about macros. That I need to eat, and not just low calories (sugar loaded) ‘dust’, but a substantial amount of calories and clean non processed ones, and I will lose weight and tone. I don’t need to be able to run or go to the gym or even do cardio HIITs in the back garden!

How do you feel now compared to the start of the programme?
So much more in control, of my weight and my head. I’ve had a difficult year personally but now I am stronger, fitter and I am fuelling my body in a far healthier way. I can eat out and fit it into my diet. I love my green smoothie everyday and see this and macro tracking as a way of life rather than until I reach goal then revert. I’ve also found I don’t need wine everyday, in fact our local reycling centre assumed we’d moved!

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of joining TRINITY?
Do it, but commit to it. Do what the plan says, don’t be half hearted and make excuses. Believe in the plan it works. 90 days goes surprisingly fast. It can be done at home. I have used quite low weights and still gained good results.

– Nicolle

“I’m over 40 inches down from where it all began! I’m making good choices with food, working out more than I ever have, gaining strength and actually learn to love myself.

For me it’s no longer about how much I weigh. I’ve just signed up for TRINITY cycle 2 and my goals are focusing on clothes sizes and inches loss After all…You don’t buy a size 10 dress that says you must weigh 9 stone, do you?”


I feel less stressed and a lot more happier and confident.Meditation is one of the best things that I’ve ever learned. I work in a very busy and stressful environment, and very long hours and meditation first thing in the morning helps me to cope with everything. Since, I stress less, I make the right decisions with my food and training. It feels like it’s just all linked together.

I feel strong physically and mentally. just can’t find the right words to thank you guys enough what what you’ve given me. You’ve changed not only my body but my whole lifestyle. THANK YOU!!!! Stop thinking and join – this will change your life!

– Dovile Rozaite

“Started trinity in a size 14 jeans they got too big after a week and a half so I went to buy a size 12… Now 2 days until my 3rd check in and I’m having to go buy a size 10 pair of jeans!!

“This is me now… I’m Jade, I am fit, I don’t drink and I make sensible choices (at least with food)…I couldn’t be happier to have joined such a great plan and supportive people!”

– Jade

“I could almost cry, I’m so grateful! Your support really means so much to me and knowing that you truely understand and can give me proper rehab advice is something I never expected..

Anyone who thinks you give out a generic plan, this shows how personal you are! Thank you thank you thank you! This was what I needed…

Previously I have done well, back injury has taken me out, I’ve eaten and drunk crap, put on fat, start again and just plateau…

This is the first time I’ve seen such significant results in my pictures..”

– Lisa

“I love this programme. I love the workouts and seeing my body slowly responding to the training and nutrition it’s getting.

My biggest win has been not giving up and sticking with it, making it in this top 10 and getting back into my holiday shorts. I’m now looking forward to the final phase and my next cycle. Thank you team Trinity x”

– Sarah

“I started the Train Eat Gain plan 6 months ago because I was training hard, running three times a week, lifting 2-3 times a week and yoga on my day off but I wasn’t seeing the result I wanted! I had gotten to a low weight in the July before and the scales hadn’t moved since, it didn’t matter how little I ate or how many more miles I ran my body wouldn’t change any more. When I saw the plan I thought what have I got to lose, what I’m doing now isn’t giving me the results I want so I might as well try something a bit different.

When I first started it was scary, I was eating a good 500 calories a day more and doing no cardio but after the first couple of weeks I could see it was working. For the first time in 8 months my stomach was shrinking and I was getting that “toned” look.

“I have loved every bit and once I saw the results I was getting I was hooked and have followed every bit of Rob and Ben’s advice. Now that the plan is over I’m still hooked on the gym and still eating the same as I have been during the plan, this isn’t a diet with an expiry date this is a lifestyle and a way of life now and I can’t thank the guys enough for showing me the way!”

– Sarah

What have you Learned over the past 90 Days?
I’ve learned how many calories my body needs each day and how to balance my macros. I really wanted this programme to educate me so I could go it alone. This was never a 12 week plan for me, it was about learning how to sustain results long term.

How do you feel now compared to the start of the programme?
I feel confident about maintaining my results and I know even when there are days where macros won’t balance. I feel I’m more educated on what my body needs and I’ll be able to sustain things in the future.

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of joining TRINITY?
Don’t think of it as a 12 week progrmme. Think of it as a kickstart and don’t be disappointed if things don’t happen quickly. The slower your body changes the easier it will be to sustain the results. Don’t get too bogged down on macros. Mine kinda all fell into place so it will work out for you!

Other feedback:
I think this is a great programme for people who need support and regular check-ins with someone. I certainly don’t know it all, but I know now what I have to do and I am self motivated enough to keep going.

– Isabel Corrigan

“I signed up as I was fed up with how I looked. I ended 2014 overweight and depressed but I decided enough was enough. I can honestly say it was the best thing I’ve ever done and I feel so much happier and healthier.  I really enjoyed the workouts which were varied and challenging and kept me interested over the last 6 months. I’ve also enjoyed trying out different recipes posted on their website which proves that eating healthy certainly doesn’t have to be boring!

“The community is awesome and everyone is so supportive, sharing knowledge, tips and advice. I’m especially grateful to Rob and Ben who have been fantastic. They give up so much time to provide us all with fantastic support and their personal approach makes them stand out from everyone else. They have taught me the importance of having a healthy balanced diet and that you don’t have to spend hours running on a treadmill to get the body you want.

“I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in what feels like only a short period. I love feeling strong and having a proper bum, guns and quads haha!! Strong is definitely the new skinny! All thanks to Ben and Rob and their awesome plan!”

“I have learned that I can eat tasty and satisfying food without feeling guilty. I definitely have more energy. I feel much more in control of my diet and exercise. Have to admit I haven’t given the programme my all, I have had two holidays during the programme, so repeated week 2 and was away again of a week on a family celebration for week 12. I’ve had a couple of really tough weeks with two bereavements and a flare up of joint pain which caused me to feel really tired and I struggled to complete all the work outs but I think this just goes to show how flexible the programme is. I still managed to make decent food choices and did what exercise I could with killing myself and have made good progress. I didn’t think I had an intolerance to anything but have definitely noticed that some foods cause bloating and don’t really suit me. Once you know that, it isn’t difficult to avoid them. I am really happy with my results and will continue to use everything I have learnt. To someone thinking of joining, I would say do it. The sooner you start the sooner you will see the benefits.”

– Jane Rogers

I have learned that you don’t have to starve yourself to look good. I used to drink slim fast before a holiday, party, special occasion so that I wouldn’t feel fat and flabby. It never worked surprise surprise. I am actually enjoying my food and love that I am accountable for any “treats” I have. The trinity way is a sustainable way and I intend to continue following the principles long term.

After completing the programme I feel more in control of my eating. I am more comfortable and confident in my clothes. I still have a way to go until I have no issues with my self image but I am on the right path.

To someone thinking of joining TRINITY I would say 100% do it! It is so easy to fit into your lifestyle. I am working, have a young family and back studying part time. This programme is so easy to follow and the boys and Facebook page are so supportive. You will not regret it.

– Alexis Ayling

“Measurements: Waist – 2 inches lost, Hips – 3 inches lost, Chest – 1 inch lost, Thighs – 0.5 inch off each, Confidence – gained 100%

Over the past 90 days I have learned how to correctly fuel my body and how much I love weights and how much my body loves weights! I feel more confident, fit and a lot more toned than before. To anybody thinking of joining TRINITY I would say DO IT!”

– Danielle Hardy

“I should give myself credit because I CAN do this. Not only am i able to track my macros and stick to the workouts (which i love) but i am a strong person physically.

I feel more determined than ever. I did struggle a little with the lower carbs but i stuck to it as much as possible. I have lost but i have so much more i want to gain. I didnt feel the need for some of the meditation before but i think during the winter months i will need some of this to help me focus

It really doesn’t matter if you are seasoned gym person or completely new to the whole thing. The concept is still the same and for me, this really worked. and is continuing to work. I struggled with my weight getting bigger and bigger every year whilst i tried to deal with an auto immune issue that left me knackered but i feel the best I ever have done and i am smashing some personal bests in the gym.”

– Michelle Robinson

“I initially started with TEG after moving a long way from my training buddy. I was doing my own stuff in a new gym and was mainly back to cardio, I was not confident without my buddy leading the way.

“A couple of months after I moved and seeing no change, putting weight on over Christmas, I came across this programme. I read through and thought, I can’t do this, I am not fit enough. I had years of struggling with weight and hating having photos taken,  never dreamt I could have photos of me in a bikini and not feel ashamed!

“I gave myself a talking to and signed up , not thinking I would be accepted or complete it. 6 months later I can say it was the best decision ever. Rob and Ben are so supportive and encouraging , I was never made to feel a failure, they adapted the plan to when I injured myself and the plan itself allowed for me to still be able to train when I was on holiday.

“I started seeing changes really quickly and the nutrition plan was adaptable and easy , no starving !! sometimes I couldn’t believe how much I could have. The workouts were brilliant and varied, I was really excited for each new month. I can always email the guys for support , advice and Information and the support online from the other members is fantastic too.

“I have been recommending the programme to any of my friends that have asked what my secret is (and there have been a few) . Who needs secrets when you have Rob and Ben in your corner?

“I now know I can achieve so much, I have increased in confidence massively in the gym and I can’t Wait To start a new challenge with a much better starting point both emotionally and physically.

“Thanks guys you are the best!!!”

– Maxine

“My goal was to be a size 10 and be more toned and stronger and I achieved this in 90 days

I’ve learnt that I love weight training and I have learned so much about the right nutrition and I feel stronger, more toned and wiser about macros

To someone thinking of joining I would say to stick with it cos it works and if you want great results to follow it 100%.”

– Luci Mannion

“Very comprehensive and easy to follow and the team were great for any questions along the way.”

“Over the past 90 ays I have learned that you can eat and still lose inches !

Compared to the start of the programme I can now wear size 30 inch jeans and I started in a ‘snug’ 32

To someone thinking on joining I would say trust Ben and Rob they know what they are doing and listen to weekly pod cast as others questions really help you too”

“I just happened to stumble across Train Eat Gain on Twitter one day and thought with being injured for 3 months and given the all clear to start exercising again, it would be a good time to try something different.

“This programme and the information given has been amazing, they guys so helpful and supportive and the community is great and everyone is willing to help everyone and give support.

“I’m not going to the the 6 months were a struggle and I had good and bad months (think that’s human nature) but seeing the results now, I’m so glad i signed up as I wouldn’t be this lean without TEG!!

“I am so much stronger in the gym, and I enjoy every work out, the results speak for themselves.”

“I began as a New Years resolution to lose weight in preparation for my best friends wedding and my partner returning from a 4 month detachment in the Falkland Islands. I’m sure you know the success rates of New Years resolutions.. averaging about 3 weeks before its given up, but TEG was introducing me to a new lifestyle and a new way of approaching fat loss, not weightloss, which was new and refreshing.

“Week after week I was feeling stronger and tighter, the number of the scales barely budging, but I started to notice my trousers feeling looser and my belt needing to be tighter. Great! Two months down the line and suddenly everyone wants to know what I was doing to get fitter. Hard work, weights and eating right along with the amazing service Rob and Ben provide are a winning combo and anyone can see that.

“I think this is the first time in my entire life I’ve stuck to my New Years resolution for so long! I’ve started a new job and moved from one side of the UK to the other and been away from my partner for 4 whole months and TEG have been right there alongside me pushing me to stay motivated and keep me on course.

“6 months in and although I’m not at my target quite yet, I’ve definitely changed in mind and body. No more looking like an uncooked sausage in figure hugging dresses, no more low calorie diets, no more fat burner supplements, no more running day after day. Just good clean eating and lifting heavy. I’ve even found a gym buddy who said to a friend whilst I’m pushing out my landmine presses, ‘She trains hard and seems to know what she’s doing so I’m staying with her rather than going to Spin class’. To say that made me smile is an under statement!!”

“I started TEG in January 2015. I had been working out for 2 years or so previously, so already had some knowledge of weight training. I had lost around 50lbs from a mixture of home workouts and free weights in the gym, but I felt in a bit of a rut- my strength had plateaued and I couldn’t seem to drop the last few inches I wanted.

“I really wish I’d taken better photos at the beginning of the plan, as the changes I have seen in my body are crazy! I’m so proud of myself for overcoming so many obstacles and barriers. I feel energetic (most of the time!) and my mindset is clearer. I have a much more positive outlook on life and rarely suffer from depression now. Although I feel like my body is constantly a work in progress, I’m happy with it. I have worked with many people who are not as fortunate, so I don’t take my health for granted. I am amazed by what my body can achieve and I just strive to make it stronger and push myself to see what I am capable of.

“I’m feeling a lot tighter and so much more body confident, I can’t wait to rock a bikini in a couple of weeks and show off my hard work!”

– Holly

“I started cc2015 because I felt soft, squidgy and sad. I had been very impressed with the results from last year and with Ben’s transformation too. I had been going to the gym religiously but making little progress.

“The support from Rob and Ben all the way through has been great and the programme gives a good variety of sessions so you don’t get bored. The teamTEG facebook group is fab for helping with motivation for those days when you just don’t want to go to the gym! If you want to look great and are prepared to work hard, a train eat gain programme is for you.

“Thanks for helping me to be happy with myself. I now respect my body and I am not scared of food! It’s sort of become a way of life!”

“Doing this plan my weight has pretty much stayed the same & just look at me, long & lean I don’t have the same clothes on but I was trying on my bikini for holiday so I’m ready for the beach!

“I look at my days workout & think ‘Easy Session today’ then I start, noises leaving my mouth as I push myself to get the last couple of reps out…..I finally fit in with the boys

“I was never one for cooking/baking (I dropped out of food tech in school) so yes I can cook more than beans on toast but definitely nothing to adventurous in fear of it going completely wrong! Now I cook up all different foods & I actually bake with my favourite being Protein Millionaire Shortbread Going to try the Rocky Road this month that looks amazing!

“I’ve followed many plans…….sorry ‘attempted’ to follow many plans before & got bored very early on because it was too repetitive & mostly cardio!! I love doing weights now & that is thanks to the #TEG lads Rob & Ben because they have helped me understand the best way to workout with their plans.

“Thanks lads keep up the good work.”

“The more and more I’ve been progressing the happier I’ve been getting with myself, though belly fat is one of my main goals now! It is however very easy to become complacent as you’ve already come so far and you think, well I’ve already changed so much so I’m only going to give 50%.

“This happened a bit to me and i found myself really struggling with food. I was struggling to stick to my low calories and I was getting extremely bored with the same foods again and again! I’m generally an all or nothing kind of girl so if I was struggling with my food on a day i’d feel like giving up and just eating anything! As such my fat loss had stalled completely and I found that I wasn’t as happy and motivated! Because of this battle I decided to up my calories by a little, just enough to give me a little more play every day and now I have done this, I feel motivated again and I have started to loose weight again!

“I often worry about odd days of ‘bad eating’ and feeling so guilty afterwards, but I have to remind myself of a few things:
To move on and accept what has happened, don’t let it affect tomorrow’s, next weeks food routine.
Also, when I’ve been eating ‘badly’, the reality often is that I’ve eaten a normal meal and just haven’t stuck to my macros. It’s not as if I’ve eaten a loaf of bread and a whole chocolate cake! I think this is a really important point to remember too!!

“Back onto the bikini plan month 4, I’ve really been enjoying the HITT sessions after my workouts and the addition of the new Facebook group is FANTASTIC motivation and a place to properly chat to other people on the plans, sharing recipes, advice, successes, failures! Many of us synching Instagram, fitbit trackers, food diaries too, It’s great!

“I now also have a new intermediate goal to work towards, a friends wedding in 4 weeks, bought a brand new tight fitting red dress and can’t wait to show it off to lots of people I haven’t seen since I began my journey to a healthier happier new me!”

“Absolutely loving the programme 4 months in. Normally at this point in a programme I start to get bored and distracted and fall off the wagon, but not with this programme! I love that the workouts change regularly and just as you get used to a number of sets, reps and exercises everything gets shaken up! It also means I look forward to every session rather than seeing them as a chore.

“My strength has improved vastly which is great! Hitting regular PBs including a 100kg squat for 3 reps a few weeks ago, which for me is a huge achievement!

I’m so excited to see what the next two months brings, I’m already feeling much leaner and with the introduction of HIIT I’m sure there are some more improvements to come!”

“I really enjoyed month 4 and getting back into the push/ pull workouts which I personally find more fun, My strength keeps increasing and I can now do clapping push ups! Romanian deadlift my body weight, chest press 40kg and as a result my body has completely changed shape from January which is really making me feel a lot more body confident… the best thing is that there is still two months to go! I can’t wait to smash this months pyramid workouts they look a killer and a real test of endurance! Decreasing the cals by 100cals a week makes cutting down a lot easier than I thought it would be and I can still have the odd naughty thing that I want as a treat and fit it into my macros! After trying many fad diets (including just eating protein for a week) #TeamTEG is definitely the way to go for results you can keep seeing!”

“I started on CC2015 and changed to bikini plan due to my gym changing equipment – boo! The whole 4 months has been easy and simple to follow with Ben and Rob answering any question you have. Although I’ve had a few set backs, with their support its easy to get back into things, plus all hints and tips on Instagram and Twitter. I’ve taken the approach of being less focused on weight loss and more on how strong I’m getting which has helped. Cheers for all your support guys – really appreciate it. Looking forward to what the next couple of months on the bikini plan bring :) xx”

“The results have been amazing and I am starting to like my body. Next step it to continue to push myself and maybe see an ab or two!

“Thanks so much for this plan, it’s really changed my perception of food. I’m healthier, I actually eat!! and the biggest thing is that I can’t recall a time recently where I was upset about the way I look. Life changer!!”

“I have been in one of the biggest limbos of what is right and what my goals are for the past two years. I was the type of person that went to the gym but lifted very little, and my cardio was always running on the treadmill or running outside for no more than 3 miles. It was always that consistency and never any changes to increase or push myself further. And I always ate healthy, but I never kept track and if I did it was always just my calories!

“I’ve also done a couple of other programs here and there but nothing like this, where I actually see changes. Through social media via Twitter, I found @TrainEatGain and I am so glad I did. This is only a month difference – my tummy has been one of my biggest issues and I can finally see a change, and I actually have a bicep!

“I’m so grateful for this program Rob and Ben have created because it has really shown me how to properly do certain types of workouts and eating A LOT but still losing fat while building muscles in the process. Thank you guys for your constant support and help via email!”

“So, I’m 3 months into the cutting challenge, and one month into Ultimate Bikini 2.0, and what a difference these photos show!

“More than anything, I’m learning not to measure progress by the scale, but simply by these photo comparisons. Unbelievably, I weighed only 1 pound more in the first picture, than in my current one! Truly amazing.

“I am so excited to see how I continue to progress over the next 3 months. I really love the addition of ‘alternative exercises’ as my gym is a very busy place, so it’s great to have different options.

“Thanks guys so much for all your support!”

“I have been really focusing on following the plan for month 2. Really enjoying the routine. I wasn’t sure if I would see much more results in the maintenance phase but I can start to feel and see my abs gaining some shape and my belly fat is reducing which is great!

“Again Ben and Rob are a great support throughout, answering any queries I have and they are also a great encouragement, especially when commenting on the progress pics from the hard work put in!

“Thank you. I’m now getting stuck into month 3 Fat Loss phase, looking forward to seeing more results.”

“I’ve finished the Bikini plan and i’m feeling stronger and more confident than ever. The guys are doing a great job there easy to contact and really efficient. I wouldn’t of been able to make this progress with out them or the Bikini plan and can not be any more thankful!

“Thanks again for the support as cheesy as it sounds I’m enjoying life a lot more because my confidence is no longer holding me back so Thank you again Ben and Rob!”