It’s not easy to eat healthy when you’re working 9-5 – especially for someone trying to build muscle and shovelling down 4000+ calories per day. If you prepared every meal right before eating, you would spend 1 hour cooking and cleaning up per meal. If you ate 3 cooked meals per day then that’s 3 hours in the kitchen. Add in 9 hours for work, 1.5 hours for the gym and 1 hour for general chores, washing, brushing teeth etc. and you are left with only 1 hour of free time per day!

“If I prepared every meal right before eating, went to work and to the gym afterwards, I would only have 1 hour of free time per day. Luckily there is a cheat code: tupperware!”

Many people turn to convenience food such as pizzas, sandwiches, fries and ready meals to try and buy themselves more time. The irony is that the preservatives and processed ingredients in these foods will shorten your life. Luckily for you, there is a cheat code in this game of life, and it’s called tupperware! By cooking multiple meals at once and storing extra portions in the refrigerator, you can have eat healthy by having meals ready to go at all times, and alleviate the need to turn to convenient but unhealthy fast foods to fuel your body.

A set of basic plastic boxes is a great way to get started – try to get a few different sizes to store everything from full meals to small portions of nuts. For healthy food on the go you will definitely want something sealed with a clip on lid. Let’s face it – having your bag fill up with a thai chicken curry which looks like diarrhoea is going to make you look like an idiot. If you’re really feeling fancy, glass storage containers are a great way to avoid any nasty effects that may come from reheating food in a plastic box.

Some example storable healthy meals are Thai Curry and rice, Chicken Risotto, Chili Con Carne & rice, Soup of any kind, and salads of any kind. We live off meals like these and put a different spin on them each time they get made e.g. prawn thai red curry one time then chicken thai green curry the next. To me, tupperware is the most important tool to compliment any healthy eating plan. Being organised with your nutrition will transform your diet and your results!