Another month has flown by and we’re into the second half of what has turned out to be an epic 2015 Cutting Challenge.

Everyone has now moved on to focusing on fat loss and results are coming thick and fast!

Yet again, everyone has made incredible progress this month and you should all be seriously proud of yourselves whether you made it onto this page or not.

Important: Remember that everyone’s body changes shape at different rates. We keep banging on about this, but it really is true. For some of you, results may take a little longer to be really noticeable, but we can promise one thing — stay consistent and stick to the plan and your time will come!

As with last month, pictures go from oldest to newest left to right, with the first picture being their starting photo, the final photo their entry for this month and the one in the middle somewhere in between.

Anyway, we’re sure you’re keen to see the results, so without further ado here’s April’s winner:


1. Gareth Evans (Month 4 Winner)

Check out those abs — you’re looking absolutely shredded Gaz!

Take your pic from what’s on offer in our clothing store, plus HogNuts Nut Butters will be sending you a tub of their wonderful nut butters.

Typical that you had to go and win this month and make us ship all this stuff out to the Falklands. Just Kidding! You deserve it buddy!

Here’s what Gareth has to say about month 4:

“Month 4 started off a bit slowly with work increasing where I was, the gym seemed like the last place to go after 6 days of 14 hour shifts literally working then gym then bed. But carrying on through the tiredness of the first week the second week I started to feel my best again.

With only 4 weeks left on my tour I’m breaking personal bests on sumo deadlifts, bench press and front/back squats I’m feeling great, and now looking at month 5 it just looks like pain in one package!

With 2 months of the program left, 4 weeks left on this island, I’m looking forward to my future self and also getting sad that it’s all most the end of this challenge! It’s going to be an emotional end of June 🙁 “


2. Sarah Teasdale

Wow! What a lean machine!

Sarah has totally transformed herself over the course of the challenge, pushing through tough periods and really reaping the rewards. She’s been using the Ultimate Bikini package and looking fab. Well done Sarah!

Here’s Sarah’s thoughts on month 4:

“I found month four quite tough, despite eating less I found myself feeling really bloated for no reason and didn’t seem to have any strength for my workouts, however the last week of the month it all seemed to come together. I felt stronger than ever and finished all my workouts on a high and I feel the most lean I’ve ever been.

I know that the guys know exactly what they’re doing and what’s in the plan is in it for a reason so I just trust the process and do it 100%.

I am really excited to start month five with the edition of the HIIT workouts to see what this will do to my body fat! And the new superset workouts are killers!!

Thanks again guys for another amazing month! I don’t want #cc2015 to come to an end!”


=3. Al Mersom

Check out Al’s incredible progress on CC2015.

It took Al 20 years to get to his starting point but he has committed to putting it right in 2015 and his hard work with both his diet and training is really to paying off now.

You might have to buy a new wardrobe Al, but it will be worth it!

Here’s Al’s take on month 4:

“Holy crap – it’s not until I see that comparison I can truly appreciate how well this is going! I’ve just had to cut another hole in my belt this weekend too 😉

I’m so chuffed with my 10kg weight loss, I am committed to going all the way though and even though I don’t think I’ll shift it all before end of the challenge I’m going to keep going and going until it’s all gone… 20 odd years to get to that size so I’ve taken CC2015 to be ‘my year’ to sort it all out 🙂

You guys have been so inspirational, I’ve faltered a couple of times and you keep bringing me back with your positivity.”


=3. Simon Fox

Check out Simon — looking shredded buddy!

Simon built a solid physique in the lean muscle-building phase and he’s now cutting down and revealing a ripped physique. Keep up the awesome work and you’ll have a full blown six pack for your holiday this summer Simon!

Here’s Simon’s thoughts on month 4:

“Hi guys, I really enjoyed month 4 and have been feeling really good throughout the programme. The reduction in calories was a little difficult initially but I’ve certainly not been hungry since and still managing to have fun socially. I hit new pbs in my 3 rep bench and squat so really happy with them. My rugby season is over now so I should be able to push myself even harder in the gym to finish up at the end of June and go on holiday. I’m really enjoying the results I’m seeing and the progress pics are a great gauge of how I’m getting on. I’m hoping you’re planning on running a bulking version towards the end of the year?!”


4. Laura-Jane Sneddon

What a bikini body! There’s no stopping Laura!

Laura has been in the top 5 every single month, and with competition this stiff that’s no mean feat! Laura’s progress using the Ultimate Bikini package has been outstanding — you should be really proud yet again Laura.

Here’s Laura’s take on month 4:

“Month 4 has probably been the hardest so far. I hit a bit of brick wall mid way through the month where I just didn’t feel myself. I felt a bit out of sorts & just wasn’t feeling as strong or as motivated when training. I managed to push through it though and even after a few bad days I have still made progress this month. I feel a lot more firm and lean especially around my top half and mid section. I’m starting to some abs and quad action too so I’m happy about that! I’m still really enjoying the plan and find it easy to follow whether I’m in my home gym or a public gym. I also like following everyone else’s journey and the updates & progress photos really spur me on. I will continue to give it 100% right to the end and over the next 2 months my aim is to reduce my body fat and achieve a bit more definition. I’m not interested in what the scales say any more & I judge my progress on how I feel in clothes and through my weekly pictures.”


5. Ed Rothery

Lets not beat around the bush. Ed has lost 17kg on the Cutting Challenge so far!

That’s not a typo! He was 105kg to start with and is now a leaner and stronger 87kg. When you’re lean we do say that weight doesn’t tell the full story, but 17kg is hard to ignore.

Ed’s now well on his way to achieving his ultimate goal of getting a six pack in time for summer. Great work Ed!

We haven’t heard back from Ed yet, but we will updated this page as soon as we do.

“This last month has been really hard for me, I have had 3 assignment deadlines for uni and moving into my exam revision time so it’s been a lot of stress around my normal job but the training has really helped me deal with the stress and keep focused. Plus all the clean eating means that I have much more energy to do what I need to do when I get home so I can get the grade I need from my final year.

Looking forward to month 5 so that I can finally see those abs which would be the first time in my life and that is a huge thing for me to keep me focused. They will be posted on my instagram @edrothery and twitter @tjed19 as soon as they are on show along with a lot of cheering! “

Runners up

It was a great shame to have to whittle down the entries to just 5 (or 6 again). We simply can’t ignore everyone’s hard work, so here is a gallery of a few more of the top contestants’ entries for April — amazing work all of you!

Thank you all for entering and keep up the hard work — you might just be #1 next month.

“Another great month training thanks to Rob and Ben. I felt I had hit a plateau at the end of month 3, and with the start of the push/pull workouts, I wasn’t sure if I was making as much progress as I wanted to, but I’ve started a new job, moved house and found an amazing new 24hr gym, meaning there’s no excuses to not hit it hard and lifting heavier weights than I have before.

I’m feeling trimmer, my clothes are fitting better or are too big, my abs are beginning to make an appearance which is something I’ve never had, and my thighs and bum are much tighter. All this, and the number on the scales has barely changed which goes to show it’s not all about how much you weigh! Now with the addition of HIIT this month, and still 2 months to go, this is gonna be one hell of a ride to the finish!

Thanks TEG!”

“Month 4 has been where everything feels like it’s all coming together for me, the change in the workouts has been fun, yet again. Keeping tabs on my macros is almost second nature now so setting out my meals and hitting my targets for the day is so much easier.

Not only am i seeing results in the mirror and a body fat % at my all time lowest , but with strength too, breaking PB’s all month! I’m now benching and deadlifting my BW for reps! #CC2015 keeps getting better…last 2 months of this plan left, and with the upcoming weeks bringing cardio into play I can’t wait to see further results, and also what you guys might have in store for what’s next….winter bulking plan maybe???”

“I really wish I’d taken better photos at the beginning of the plan, as the changes I have seen in my body are crazy! Month 4 has seen the biggest change, I have lost half an inch from my waist, 1.5″ from love handles, 1″ from hips, 2″ from tummy! My arms and delts are looking a lot more defined and my tummy is finally starting to flatten out. I’m a bit apprehensive of my cals dropping further this month but it’s only for 4 weeks then they go up again.”

“Doing this plan my weight has pretty much stayed the same & just look at me, long & lean I don’t have the same clothes on but I was trying on my bikini for holiday so I’m ready for the beach!

I look at my days workout & think ‘Easy Session today’ then I start, noises leaving my mouth as I push myself to get the last couple of reps out…..I finally fit in with the boys

I was never one for cooking/baking (I dropped out of food tech in school) so yes I can cook more than beans on toast but definitely nothing to adventurous in fear of it going completely wrong! Now I cook up all different foods & I actually bake with my favourite being Protein Millionaire Shortbread Going to try the Rocky Road this month that looks amazing!

I’ve followed many plans…….sorry ‘attempted’ to follow many plans before & got bored very early on because it was too repetitive & mostly cardio!! I love doing weights now & that is thanks to the #TEG lads Rob & Ben because they have helped me understand the best way to workout with their plans.

Thanks lads keep up the good work “

“I’m more than halfway through #CC2015 and its testament to Rob & Ben’s constant encouragement and excellent programming that I’m still motivated to get this done. I’ve been on many programmes in the past and have never made it past week 6!! Mainly down to the repetition of doing the same thing. The #CC2015 is constantly varied and never dull. Being part of a wider community of TEG guys and girls all striving to be better and seeing their achievement photos acts as my inspiration. I’ve got two months left of the programme and I’m really excited and motivated to see it past the finish line. It won’t be easy but with Rob, Ben and the rest of the TEG community by my side I’m confident I’ll get my goal of a 6 pack at the ripe old age of 46!! For anyone reading this join the TEG family I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

“The more and more I’ve been progressing the happier I’ve been getting with myself, though belly fat is one of my main goals now! It is however very easy to become complacent as you’ve already come so far and you think, well I’ve already changed so much so I’m only going to give 50%.

This happened a bit to me and i found myself really struggling with food. I was struggling to stick to my low calories and I was getting extremely bored with the same foods again and again! I’m generally an all or nothing kind of girl so if I was struggling with my food on a day i’d feel like giving up and just eating anything! As such my fat loss had stalled completely and I found that I wasn’t as happy and motivated! Because of this battle I decided to up my calories by a little, just enough to give me a little more play every day and now I have done this, I feel motivated again and I have started to loose weight again!

I often worry about odd days of ‘bad eating’ and feeling so guilty afterwards, but I have to remind myself of a few things:
To move on and accept what has happened, don’t let it affect tomorrow’s, next weeks food routine.
Also, when I’ve been eating ‘badly’, the reality often is that I’ve eaten a normal meal and just haven’t stuck to my macros. It’s not as if I’ve eaten a loaf of bread and a whole chocolate cake! I think this is a really important point to remember too!!

Back onto the bikini plan month 4, I’ve really been enjoying the HITT sessions after my workouts and the addition of the new Facebook group is FANTASTIC motivation and a place to properly chat to other people on the plans, sharing recipes, advice, successes, failures! Many of us synching Instagram, fitbit trackers, food diaries too, It’s great!

I now also have a new intermediate goal to work towards, a friends wedding in 4 weeks, bought a brand new tight fitting red dress and can’t wait to show it off to lots of people I haven’t seen since I began my journey to a healthier happier new me!”

“Absolutely loving the programme 4 months in. Normally at this point in a programme I start to get bored and distracted and fall off the wagon, but not with this programme! I love that the workouts change regularly and just as you get used to a number of sets, reps and exercises everything gets shaken up! It also means I look forward to every session rather than seeing them as a chore.

My strength has improved vastly which is great! Hitting regular PBs including a 100kg squat for 3 reps a few weeks ago, which for me is a huge achievement!

I’m so excited to see what the next two months brings, I’m already feeling much leaner and with the introduction of HIIT I’m sure there are some more improvements to come!”

“Month 4 has gone so quick can’t believe we are so near the end.The workouts again have been challenging but very enjoyable. I have so much energy and strength and what’s looking back at me in the mirror feels so rewarding. I have found the new confidence that I had years ago so for that I can’t thank Ben & Rob enough you guys are always there to answer any questions I have. Can’t wait to see my end picture but what I do know is this is only the start of a long relationship with Ben & Rob and all future plans. Thanks guys.”

“I really enjoyed month 4 and getting back into the push/ pull workouts which I personally find more fun, My strength keeps increasing and I can now do clapping push ups! Romanian deadlift my body weight, chest press 40kg and as a result my body has completely changed shape from January which is really making me feel a lot more body confident… the best thing is that there is still two months to go! I can’t wait to smash this months pyramid workouts they look a killer and a real test of endurance! Decreasing the cals by 100cals a week makes cutting down a lot easier than I thought it would be and I can still have the odd naughty thing that I want as a treat and fit it into my macros! After trying many fad diets (including just eating protein for a week) #TeamTEG is definitely the way to go for results you can keep seeing!”

“I started on CC2015 and changed to bikini plan due to my gym changing equipment – boo! The whole 4 months has been easy and simple to follow with Ben and Rob answering any question you have. Although I’ve had a few set backs, with their support its easy to get back into things, plus all hints and tips on Instagram and Twitter. I’ve taken the approach of being less focused on weight loss and more on how strong I’m getting which has helped. Cheers for all your support guys – really appreciate it. Looking forward to what the next couple of months on the bikini plan bring 🙂 xx”

“Month 4 has really been fantastic as its now people around me that are starting to notice real difference. I feel like my muscle growth has been tremendous and I can really feel my abs. At this stage I can’t wait for the intensity of the final 2 months so I can finally get shredded for summer. Just stick it out and the change will come.”

“With month four, I had to cut back on the gym a bit because I was running a marathon midway through the month. I cut the sessions down from the planned four to either two or three for a few weeks depending on my running schedule. The week leading up to the race I did not go at all. Luckily, it was contrast week so I got to enjoy mixing it up a bit with some swimming and yoga. Rob and Ben helped me with my pre race nutrition so that I would be able to run my race with a full tank but not eat too much to be detrimental to progress.

I found that my legs and ass had gained so much strength that hills became easy. The gym programme really complimented the running that I was doing. It helped me to resculpt my body into a shape that meant I was lean enough to make my way round the course without walking.

I am looking forward to putting some cardio into the plan and to seeing what I look like by the end of the six months. Can’t believe we have finished month four already; time has flown! I have really enjoyed the variety so far and I look forward to going to the gym. Before I started the challenge it was a chore but now it is something I look forward to and has become routine. Thank you for making me love my body, not be scared of food and for helping me do my marathon.

I am feeling so much stronger with two months to go. I am happier, healthier and sleep better. My hair, skin and nails are also stronger and healthier.

I would fully recommend TEG programmes – just look at all the amazing transformations! It works, but be prepared to work hard.”

“So during month 4 I took a family break to Spain for Easter holidays. Was surprised about how easy it was to keep up the good eating habits. Only put on just over a kilo and this came off within days of being home. Superset workouts are great addition now and really push you more. Also with the introduction of cardio I’m surprised to be able to run much further than I could before… there’s definitely progress. Rob and Ben have done a great job varying the workouts. Really motivated for the next 2 months, but starting to wonder what happens when it’s all over…!”

“Cool to be even in the running so thank you!

Plan still going well. Im combining your macros with my existing strength training plan but its balancing well!

Despite a reduction in calories each week my strength continues to improve and pbs keep rolling in!

I can see much more definition coming through. My arms and legs are showing more definition now and im getting comments from people im training with. Think this is noticeable in pics when side by side.

Because of the weight I carried before Im not expecting abs but i can feel a reduction around my stomach. Clothes are loose and sit nicely and the weight is coming down slowly.

Guess thats kind of it really .. Hawaii holiday in July and I feel well ahead of schedule to be confident on the beach!

The new group on Facebook is also very friendly which is nice! “

“The Ultimate Cutting 2.0 plan has totally changed the way I think about training and nutrition. Having always thought I was eating healthily, this plan has shown me the importance of nutrition in achieving any kind of transformation. It has allowed me make the gains that I had been aiming for all this time, I am most pleased with my increase in strict pull up reps.

Looking forward month 3 of Ultimate Cutting 2.0 is already going great, the superset workouts and inclusion of HIIT are a welcome addition, keeping the training interesting and have me looking forward to my gym sessions.

The Ben and Rob are doing great work and I have been recommending them to everyone I know. I would definitely continue with their training plans in the future.”

“Have really enjoyed the training in month 4, stepping up to 4 times a week has just increased my focus and strength. I feel really good and even though I could do better food wise I have noticed each month I get better at making wiser choices.

Love the support and help I get from you guys and the online support from others doing your programs both inspire and motivate me. So excited for the upcoming months training and motivated to really give it my all.

Thanks you are awesome and I have been recommending you to friends.”

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