About Tom King

Tom is currently studying Sport Science at University. He is also an exercise and nutrition blogger, with refreshing ideas and interests in the areas of strength & conditioning and nutrition. For more information check out @ TOMJSKING on the social networks.

Fresh vs Frozen Produce: Which is Healthier?

We always used to wonder which to go for: fresh or frozen produce. But after delving into the research we finally know which is best! There's [...]

3 Reasons Drinking Alcohol Makes You Fat!

Think of a special occasion: Christmas, birthdays or a friend's wedding. How do to celebrate them? Chances are it involves drinking alcohol. Alcohol has now become ingrained into our [...]

Craving-Crushing Courgette Low-Carb Lasagna

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Baked Apple & Cinnamon Upside-Down Oats

This festive recipe comes from our Christmas Treats Recipe Book which is free to download! Try it out for yourself and tweet us a picture with the hashtag [...]

Apple, Cinnamon & Chocolate Protein Muffins

Did you know that some Starbucks muffins are over 450 calories with over 35g of sugar? What if we told you we could match that light, [...]

Healthy Chicken Curry Recipe

Whoever thinks they can fit an indian curry into their macros is crazy, right? Not anymore! Here it is, complete with the same satisfying creaminess that your favourite local takeaway [...]