About Us

Hi! We’re Ben and Rob, level 3 personal trainers, co-owners of Train Eat Gain, and the guys behind TRINITY, an online fat loss system for women who are fed up of strict, restrictive diets and hours of brutal cardio.

With our flexible nutrition system the women inside TRINITY are able to shrink their waists whilst still being able to enjoy meals with their friends and families (even out at restaurants!).

No more strict meal plans.

No more brutal sweaty HIIT cardio.

No more mountains of spinach and broccoli.

In fact, our women are able to enjoy treats like chocolate, crisps and cake guilt-free, and their results are really blowing people away!

It almost sounds too good to be true, but this is all backed up by science — as long as you’re eating the right amount of food for you, and do it consistently, your body has no choice but to burn fat.

All you have to do is track what you eat (which takes less than 5 minutes a day with the TRINITY system) and you get to actually enjoy your diet whilst losing weight, so you can finally feel fit and healthy again after all these years.

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Our Story

Back in 2014 we launched our first fitness programme.

It was a dingy Friday afternoon in May and Ben and I were sat on our dilapidated black leather corner sofa in our student house in Bath.

Both of us were staring at our laptop screens hearts racing frantically hitting the refresh keys every 15 seconds awaiting our first client ever, and despite the grey skies outside you could feel the excitement crackling in the air.

The product we were launching was called “Ultimate Bikini”. We’d spent the past week “developing” it, and it was basically a PDF file with a load of tasty recipes and 12 weeks of workouts (some people are STILL selling those).

And then it happened!

I hit refresh once more, and instead of a flat line… there was a steep increase in our sales graph.

The blue line jumped up from £0.00 to £19.99.


We both jumped off the couch screaming “YESSS”, fists raised in the air celebrating our first customer like we had just won the national lottery.

That was 3 years ago…

Where we are at now with TRINITY is un-frikkin-recognisable from that first product.

Gone is the generic PDF “plan”.

>> In is an online membership “app”

Gone is are the walls of text.

>> In are weekly video coaching calls

Gone is the lonely experience of doing it all alone

>> In with a thriving membership community

Everything has been improved 100 (if not 1000) times over.

But rather than me blab on about it here, why don’t you check it out for yourself?